Winter Inspired Wedding Ideas

I had so much fun collecting Autumn Inspired wedding ideas; I thought it was necessary to share a few of my favorite Winter Wedding Inspirations. It seems like more and more Brides are choosing winter months for their wedding date. After looking into winter ideas, I don’t blame them! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and winter brings a special romantic feeling along with it.
Whimsical Winter Wedding Color Scheme:

color scheme

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I can think of one word to best describe these colors- romantic. These colors are beautiful individually and even better when combined together. Five colors could be a lot to incorporate so you could easily eliminate one or two.


Romantic Winter Wedding Bouquet:


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Simple yet elegant. The pops of plum are what really pulled me into this bouquet. I love a touch of dark romance! This is another one I would have a hard time throwing to my screaming Bachelorettes!

Winter Wedding Reception Bar:

hot coco bar

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If you read my blog on dessert bars, (here), you already know how much I adore this idea. Such a fun way to serve desserts and in this case yummy, warming hot chocolate! I absolutely love the shabby, rustic décor but it could easily be changed to suit your wedding style.


Winter Wedding Inspired Favors:


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Maybe I’m just craving hot chocolate but this is so cute and looks super yummy! These favors could easily be dressed up or down and could be paired with or without the alcoholic beverage.

Once again, these are just a few of my favorite winter wedding ideas from Pinterest Be sure to check out Autumn Oaks Pinterest page for more of my finds! We also have lots of ideas for Spring and Summer!

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