Wedding Day Emergency Kit

My sister in law created an emergency kit for her wedding day and it was a HUGE blessing! Who would have thought one Bride, six Bridesmaids, two Flower girls, and two Moms could have so many last minute “emergencies”.  Throughout the day, we had several unexpected opportunities to use our emergency kit- someone needing a snack, someone sick at their stomach, a stain or two, and lots of happy tears. We were lucky to have the necessities and not have to leave the wedding venue for any of our “emergencies.”

Below is a list of everything included in my sister in law’s wedding day emergency kit. By the end of the day everything in our bag had been used at least once.

  1. Granola Bars                                    12. Stain Remover Pen
  2. Advil                                                  13.Mouthwash
  3. Razors                                               14.Gum
  4. Deodorant                                        15.Bobby Pins
  5. Feminine Products                         16.Eye Drops
  6. Band Aids                                         17.Scissors
  7. Mints                                                 18.Clear nail polish
  8. Lint Roller                                        19.Nail File
  9. Sewing Kit                                        20.Pepto-Bism ol
  10. Tweezers                                           21.Tissues
  11. Safety Pins                                        22.Hair Spray


During all the wedding day commotion it can be easy to forget to eat a bite so granola bars can come in very handy. Trail Mix would be a great snack also!

If your bridesmaid dresses are short, razors may be very important for your forgetful girls!

Band Aids, a lint roller, sewing kit, stain remover pen, and clear nail polish are all great to have around for your fun, clumsy girls. Clear nail polish works wonders on runners!

Most importantly, don’t forget the tissues. In each wedding I have been apart of, I made sure to wrap a few tissues around my bouquet just in case and was happy to have them each time.

These are just the items that were usual for us, but there are many other things you may feel are important for your emergency kit! I posted more ideas on our Autumn Oaks Event Center Pinterest page, here!