Top 10 Things To Do Immediately After Engagement

1.Tell your family

Share your excitement with your family. They will be thrilled to hear your news and want to know all the details! Make sure to send them a picture of the engagement ring!

2.Tell your close friends

After sharing the news with your family be sure to tell your closest friends. Let them know that you want to be the first to post your “We are getting married” announcement on social media.

3.Pamper yourself

Make an appointment at the spa and salon. Everyone you see will want to see your ring so you will want your nails to look great too! Don’t forget the engagement pictures you will want to take!

4. Schedule engagement pictures

Ask friends and look online at portfolios to find your photographer. Decide what style of photography you like best and choose a photographer with the same style. Keep in mind this can be a wedding photographer interview for the big day!

5.Choose a wedding date range

Decide with your fiancé on a wedding date range that would work for you both. Keep in mind setting a specific date could be challenging when picking your wedding venue so setting a range of dates may make things easier.

6.Set your budget

Before you can really start planning your big day it’s important to set your budget. Forget the traditions of what the Bride’s family pays and what the Groom’s family pays. Sit down with each family and see what they are willing to help with. Once your budget is established you can move on to making choices like how many people you will invite.

7.Create your guest list

Creating your guest list is something else you should do while you are sitting down with each family- the moms won’t let you forget anyone! Once you have an estimate on how many people you will invite you can start looking for a wedding and reception venue that will accommodate all your guests.

8.Choose a location and venue or event center

Now that you have narrowed down your guest list you can decide on the location and venue or event center for your wedding. Make sure to schedule a tour so you can visit the venue and see what all they offer.

9.Pick your wedding party

There are so many fun ways to ask your closest friends to be bridesmaids and groomsmen and share your special day with you. My sister in law sent me a box full of goodies and a card that I still have. Check out Pinterest for inspiration!

10.Pick your wedding dress

Now for the fun stuff!! You have most of the big choices out of the way it’s time to find THE dress. If you haven’t already, get online and find several different styles you think you are interested in. Then, invite your girls or just go with your Mom and try on as many as you want until you find the one. Take pictures, laugh, and soak in all the memories!