Southern Elegance Design


What/Who is Southern Elegance Design?

Southern Elegance Design is comprised of two friends that created a business doing what they love. They are now Lubbock’s premier full service wedding stylists and planners. We first met Tonjua and Shelley at the Bridal Service Associates of Lubbock Bridal Show ( back in September. It was our first time to do a bridal show and we were a little nervous and scatter brained and apparently we weren’t hiding it very well! Southern Elegance Design’s booth was set up right next to ours. The girls came over and introduced themselves, and gave us some much appreciated advice. They were beyond sweet and we continued to chit chat throughout the event. Also, at their booth was April’s Sweet Tooth, who kept giving my husband cupcakes to make the Bridal Show experience a little more enjoyable for him. He was an immediate fan!
Southern Girls


Why We Love Them

Their decor at the show was amazing! I was so impressed. Their style is fantastic and their knowledge and personalities just put them over the top. I’ve mentioned this before, but it is so important to us to refer companies and individuals that we think are not only talented, but good people as well. Trust me, these are some great gals! They have been awesome in offering to help us, and have been so excited about our new venue. They absolutely always come from a place of contribution, and that is so important when offering to help with someone’s big day!


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Why You Should Call Them

Clearly we think these ladies are pretty sweet, but we also think they do a fabulous job! Tonjua and Shelley know the importance of each wedding being uniquely beautiful and they cater to each bride and her personality to make it the perfect event for her. They are willing to customize each package so that they can work with any budget. They offer wedding planning, catering, floral options, and several other services. For a complete list of services offered, please visit their website .


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Need more reasons to choose these gals to make all your wedding dreams come true?? Read these testimonials  from some of their clients! You can see several photos and videos of weddings they’ve done on their website. Each wedding they have designed is distinctively beautiful. Also, be sure to like them on Facebook.