Letter of Gratitude

To anyone and everyone we have worked for or with in the past 2 years: Thank you!!! When we started this new adventure, we really had no idea the blessings that were headed our way. We have had the pleasure of working with so many incredible people. You guys make our job so much more fun and enjoyable.

To the brides: Thank you for choosing us! We know you have several options for wedding venues in and around Lubbock, Texas, and we are so honored and grateful that you chose Autumn Oaks for such an important event! We have sincerely enjoyed each and every one of you. You have all been so sweet, so appreciative, and SO GORGEOUS! Words cannot express how much we adore you all.

To the parents of our brides and grooms: You have all been so wonderful. We know how stressful and exhausting a wedding can be and you have all been so good-natured and easy to work with! We have made genuine friendships with many of you and we feel so blessed.

To the vendors: Lubbock, Texas has some of the most incredible wedding vendors! We have seen such a wide variety of styles of weddings and each has been incredible in its own way. It takes such a distinctive person to decorate and arrange flowers and bouquets. It does not look easy and we have seen some of the most beautiful wedding décor and arrangements! The food. Wow! Can we talk about the food?? I can’t imagine cooking for 200-300 people – keeping it all fresh and warm has to be a task and it’s always so tasty! Of course we always sneak a plate when there’s enough (i.e. research ;)) and we are rarely disappointed. The same can be said for the wedding cakes we see. So many photographers have shared their photos with us to use for marketing and have tagged us in their posts, and we cannot tell you how much it is appreciated. So much talent here in and around Lubbock, Tx!

To the planners: You make everyone’s lives a little easier! You always keep everything so organized and keep all the wedding vendors and members of the wedding party on task and on time. Not to mention you are all so kind and so fun to work with. We are clearly very fond of you all!

We have been on quite a journey these past two years. It has been exhausting and overwhelming at times, but has also been incredibly exciting and rewarding. YOU are such a big part of why this wedding venue has become such a blessing in all of our lives, and as a family, we just wanted to send out the most heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you! XO, Autumn Oaks (Thornberry and Smith families)