For BRIDES and Mothers of the Bride


Nothing is more exciting than when your children fall in love and get married! Fortunately, my children were both blessed with this wonderful experience and what a joy it has been. However, what I found out with having a son that had gotten married several years earlier and a daughter newly engaged and planning on getting married, the level of stress was completely different. I went from basically helping with a wedding to planning a wedding and believe me that can be somewhat overwhelming.  

Of course, my daughter Cortnee was a great help and together we started the wonderful process of planning her wedding. We knew the first step was finding a great venue, so we started looking immediately.  We found out pretty quickly that not only was this going to be an important decision, it was also going to be one of, if not THE biggest expense we would have. After many hours of looking and several trips to the different locations we finally made a decision. The venue we chose to rent offered a beautiful setting, tables and chairs, an open vendor policy, set up and clean up and the rest was left up to us.

We liked this idea, because we knew by going this route, we would be in charge and have the freedom to make all the choices that needed to be made in planning a wedding. More importantly, we knew there would be no hidden expenses. We had an opportunity to spend as much or as little money as we wanted. The decision was OURS!

As parents of the bride, we want our little girl to have her dream wedding, but at the same time, we want to be realistic about the total cost of the wedding.  I guess what I am trying to say is what I found out through this whole process was, if you find the right venue, then everything else falls into place. You may find yourselves paying a little more than you expected, BUT the venue is everything!!!!

We were lucky to find a great venue, and with the open vendor policy, we were able to stay within budget and everyone was happy, especially her dad! Believe it or not, we got the wedding planned and I can tell you from  experience that it wasn’t always easy but I can also tell you that I wouldn’t trade anything for the time I got to spend with my daughter and the memories we made along the way.

So, BRIDES and Mothers of the bride, you CAN make dreams come true.

Autumn Oaks Event Center was specifically designed with weddings in mind and we feel we are offering you a great venue. Our open vendor policy allows you to make your own choices and be creative on how your money is spent. As you move forward on your journey of planning your wedding, we hope you keep Autumn Oaks Event Center in mind. We would love to help make your dream wedding a reality…

Posted by Judy Thornberry