Dad’s Point of View


I’ve never written a blog before (and probably never will again) but in the spirit of doing my part, I thought I’d give it a shot. This blog is an alert to dads that are about to go through their little girls special day. I say alert because you have no idea what’s coming unless you have two “little girls” and get to experience it twice! I realize there aren’t too many men out there reading wedding day blogs so Brides to be, you may want to share this with your dads.


Father of the Bride

When my “little girl” had her special day, her mother and I thought we had it all covered. We had spent countless hours going over every detail and trying to think ahead to what we needed to do on the wedding day. So, we hired two boys to help with parking and driving our older guest around in golf carts. We also hired two people to help with serving, cleaning tables, even helping getting the bridal party arranged and out the door during the ceremony. Food was catered, so no issues there. As the evening started, I  was able to enjoy the wedding party pictures taken before the wedding ceremony. I was able to walk my little girl Cortnee, down the long winding path without either one of us falling down which was an accomplishment in itself. I was able to enjoy the beautiful ceremony from my VIP seat and appreciate a long time friend presiding over the ceremony.


The Reception

ALERT! This is when the night becomes a blur. Instead of enjoying a fabulous evening with friends and family, I was caught up in making sure everyone was ok. Was our older guest and family  able to navigate the outdoor terrain and get to their cars ok? Was the trash being dumped, food served at the appropriate time and plenty of chairs and tables to go around? Was there enough to eat and drink, etc. At the end of the night my wife and I fell into bed exhausted to a point I can’t even begin to describe. We had aches where I’ve never felt aches before. It was akin to water skiing for the first time at 45. I could go on and on but my point is,  don’t try to do it all yourself. Hire someone to help manage this special day whether it be professional, friend, or acquaintance. If you think you have it covered, you probably don’t. It’s too special of a day to squander away with stress and worry.   Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this very special fall day that went as good as it could have gone, but Dads get plenty of help so you can enjoy it to the fullest. It’s not every day that you give away a daughter.