Allee J Photography

Alexandra, Allee J Photography, is a wedding photographer out of Lubbock, Texas. Allee J Photography is one of our preferred vendors, and we wanted to feature her in our blog this week! Alexandra has been with us since the beginning of our journey and was our very first preferred vendor.

How we heard of Allee J Photography

Alexandra and I were students at Texas Tech University at the same time. We had several mutual friends, but had never actually met. One day, I noticed several of my friends’ senior pictures and I was impressed by how great they looked! The more photos I saw, the more I realized they all had one thing in common – they were taken by Allee J Photography. It wasn’t long before graduation came and went and I started seeing more beautiful photos on Facebook. These were photos of engaged couples and wedding ceremonies. Again, Alexandra, Allee J Photography, was the common thread. I always admired her work, and was impressed every time her photos showed up in my Facebook newsfeed.

Why We Chose Allee J Photography

Fast forward a few years when we began developing the idea of Autumn Oaks Event Center here in Lubbock, Texas. We specifically designed our venue with weddings in mind and we knew we wanted an open vendor policy, but we also knew that we wanted to be able to refer vendors to our clients if they needed recommendations. Thus, we decided to create a “preferred vendors list”. When we started to develop our list, I knew one vendor I absolutely wanted to be included! We met with Alexandra shortly after we started construction and she told us of her love and passion for photography. We visited with her several times, and my mom and I agreed that she needed to be on our list. We were thrilled when she told us she was on board! We knew she had the skill and reputation of someone we would want to do business with, but after these meetings, we felt confident she would be someone our clients would love. Alexandra is kind, friendly, professional, and above all, supremely humble. We adored her after our first meeting, and we firmly believe first impressions are true impressions!

Why You Should Choose Allee J Photography

Alexandra is so passionate about what she does. It is hard to describe the amount of enthusiasm she has about her photography. Yes, she is talented. What is even more impressive, is the meaning she associates with each photo. To her, it’s about capturing a moment, an emotion, a memory, not just taking a pretty picture. Alexandra takes the time to get to know her bride and groom and enjoys the time she spends with them. She writes about her couples and her experience with them and shares many photos on her blog.

I could go on and on about the reasons Allee J Photography is one of our preferred vendors at Autumn Oaks Event Center, but to put it simply – she is good at what she does, she loves what she does, and we love working with her! If you choose to work with her, I feel confident in telling you she will do a fantastic job. Don’t forget to visit and check out her beautiful photos.




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Posted by Cortnee Thornberry