A Passion for What We Do

Since our opening, we have hosted various events, which we are so grateful for. We have had several weddings, varying in size and style, and we’ve learned a lot from each! We created our venue to be versatile, and I am pleased to say that it has been just that.

We’ve had a wedding for 100 guests and a wedding for 500 guests. We’ve had a casual, country wedding, an elaborate, elegant wedding, and everything in between. Each wedding that we have hosted has been different and beautiful and so special! Each bride has been unique and absolutely gorgeous.

One of the things I’ve discovered that make a wedding special is the details. It’s the photos of family that has passed on the reception tables, so everyone remembers they, too, are there to celebrate. It’s the sign in book, or painting, or bench that was made by someone special just for the bride and groom. It’s the unique trinket given by the groom to the bride to wear or carry on her walk down to commit to forever with him.

Moments also make a wedding noteworthy. It’s the story during the ceremony that is told of the bride and groom that brings a tear to everyone’s eye. It’s the secret moments the bride and groom have when no one else is watching when they realize they can finally call each other husband and wife. It’s the instant the parents of the bride take a deep breath of relief knowing their daughter is in good hands.

Maybe I’m just 40 weeks pregnant, but thinking back on these moments I’ve witnessed the last few months absolutely gets me emotional. I feel so fortunate to get to see this all the time. Marriage is such a beautiful thing and one of the most exciting things in life, and I get to see this commitment made every weekend. How lucky am I??

There are certain people that you meet that just really make an impact. We’ve certainly met several families that have been that for us. We feel so incredibly blessed to be able to interact with so many incredible families. It makes all of these 16 hour wedding days so completely worth it! 🙂