5 Reasons Brides Should Choose an Open Vendor Policy


 Bride, Bride, Bride! Sorry Grooms, but we all know the wedding day is all about the BRIDE. Keeping that in mind, we created Autumn Oaks Event Center to be the perfect wedding venue for a Bride’s special day. We created a Bride’s dream setting for a wedding, the perfect Bridal Suite for spoiling our Brides, and our Open Vendor Policy allowing the Bride to be in charge! Here are our top 5 reasons an Open Vendor Policy is the way to go.

  1. The Bride has the FREEDOM of choosing her own vendors.

Autumn Oaks’ Open Vendor Policy allows you, the Bride, the freedom to make your own choices. YOU get to plan YOUR wedding! We provide you with the perfect setting, awesome features, the necessary amenities, and allow you to do the rest. As the Bride, you should have the chance to interview and choose your favorite wedding photographer, cake designer, wedding caterer, etc. After all, it is your day!

  1. The Bride has opportunity to stick to a budget and save money on vendors

This one is for our loving Dads who may have a hard time saying “No” to their Daughters on their wedding days. An Open Vendor Policy allows a lot of wiggle room in your budget. You have the chance to pick your own vendors and prices. This also allows you to decide what vendors are necessary for your special day and which ones are not. Maybe a photographer is extremely important to you but you don’t feel you need a videographer. You are the one that decides how and where you spend your budget!

  1. The Bride can create unique, DIY Décor

DIY is IN this year! You can’t get more authentic than that! With YouTube, Pinterest, and theKnot you can figure out how to DIY anything.  Pinterest has lots of great ideas for center pieces, flower arrangements, invitations, and much more. Invite your bridesmaid over for a wine/DIY night and customize your wedding details. Check out Autumn Oaks’ Pinterest page for great DIY ideas!

  1. The Bride can include special requests or family assistance

An Open Vendor Policy allows you the chance to cater to those “special” requests or family suggestions. My husband is not a fan of wedding cake and had his heart set on “Aunt Jackie’s Brownies” instead of a Groom’s cake. Having the opportunity to let a family member add something special to your wedding day is something you will cherish. I know I will never be able to match “Aunt Jackie’s Brownies” but I will always remember how big a hit they were at my wedding.

  1. The Bride is in charge

At Autumn Oaks Event Center, we want the BRIDE to be in charge! Not only do we want to provide a beautiful indoor/outdoor venue, we want our client to have an unforgettable experience. When you choose to host your wedding day at Autumn Oaks it will be your decisions and your choices that will have played an important role in creating your perfect day. 



Posted by Caitlan Thornberry