Frequently Asked Questions


  A list of frequently asked questions at Autumn Oaks Event Center:


What is the rental fee and what does it include?


Friday       $3500 for 12 hours or $300/hr for minimum of 6 hours

Saturday  $4400 for 14 hours  or $350/hr for minimum of 10 hours

Sunday     $3000 for 10 hours  or $300/hr for minimum of 6 hours


The rental fee also includes our features and amenities:

Facility access

Facility manager available day of event

Ample parking

Prep kitchen for catering

Large reception hall

Portable Bar

2400 sq ft wrap around porch

Landscaped courtyard

Drive through, covered Porte Cochere

Indoor/Outdoor white chairs (300)

(38)  5ft round reception tables

Setup and Cleanup

Quality sound system


 We offer a few extra amenities for weddings at no additional charge:

 Bridal suite including full size bathroom and 6 luxury vanity stations

Groom’s room with flat screen TV

Access to venue for engagement / Bridal portraits

Easel for Bridal portrait

Ceremony table

Cake table

Registry and gift tables


What is  the maximum number of guests the facility can handle? Our occupancy load is around 300.

Are there any charges for overtime?  Yes. Additional time is billed at the rate of $300 per hour and will be prorated in fifteen minute blocks of time.

Can I choose my own caterer?  Yes. Autumn Oaks has  an open vendor policy which allows you the freedom to choose your own vendors.

Are there adequate kitchen facilities?  Yes. We have a large prep kitchen equipped with a commercial refrigerator, warming o, freezer, microwave and spacious countertops.

Can I bring in my own alcohol? Yes, you can provide alcohol for your guests but all alcohol must be served by a TABC certified bartender. The only alcoholic beverages allowed to be served at Autumn Oaks Event Center are beer, wine, and champagne. No liquor is allowed. Security is required at all events serving alcohol.

How do I reserve Autumn Oaks for my event?  To secure your date, a deposit, along with a signed contract is required.

Do you have a backup plan for rain or inclement weather?  Yes, if your wedding cannot be held outside as planned, it can be moved into our spacious reception hall. Keep in mind that we also  have a 2400 square foot wrap around porch under roof that can be utilized as you see fit.

Are candles or other open flames allowed?  Candles are welcome at Autumn Oaks but they must be in a protective glass, such as a votive. Open flames are prohibited.

Do you have overnight accommodations?  We do not have overnight accommodations on the property, but would be happy to provide you with a list of local businesses that do offer accommodations.

Are there limitations on decorations?  Just one, nothing permanent.  You are welcome to decorate the reception hall to fit your needs with any decorations that can be removed, without any harm to the venue.  No nails, staples, tacks, glue or tapes that leave a sticky residue.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?  Yes our venue is wheelchair accessible and  we also have designated handicap parking. Our restrooms are also handicap accessible.

Am I responsible for any of the cleaning?   All items brought in by you, your vendors, or your guests will need to be removed.  All of the tables should be cleared and the kitchen and bar should be free of food and beverages and wiped down.  After all the trash is gathered, the trash bags should be placed in the dumpsters provided outside the kitchen door.

Can we cook on site?  We do allow cooking to be done outside with outdoor cookers only.

Is there parking?  Valet or self-parking?   We have a large parking area and our facility is self-parking.

Do you have in-house vendors or a list of preferred vendors?  We have an open vendor policy so the choice is yours, but we do have a few names of vendors that we feel would do a great job!

Can we have the ceremony and reception in the same location?  Yes. You have the freedom to use our beautiful indoor reception hall, our  large wrap around covered  porch and the spacious landscaped courtyard, as you see fit. If you choose Autumn Oaks for your special occasion, the facility is yours to plan and decorate to fit your own personal style.

Are there any restrictions on setup time?  Once you have rented the venue, the  consecutive hours is yours to manage as you please.

Is outside music allowed at the venue?   Yes. But all music must  end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event time. Amplified  music must be kept at a reasonable level. Volume control will be at the discretion of the on-site manager for Autumn Oaks Event Center during the event.

Do you provide microphones for the ceremony?  Yes. We have a cordless mic with our outdoor sound system as well as a cordless mic for the indoor sound system.

Is there a changing area for the bride and groom?  Yes.Our beautiful bridal suite has  a cozy environment with plenty of space for the bride and her bridal party to relax and prepare before the wedding. It offers a six-seat vanity for makeup and hair, an elegant lounging area, a beautiful 6 ft. framed mirror, small refrigerator and bar for drinks and snacks and french doors that open onto the covered porch.  Best of all, the bride  has her own private restroom.

The Groom’s room is a great room for the guys to relax before the ceremony. Everyone will feel right at home sitting in the lounge area just  hanging out or watching the flat screen tv.  This room also offers an open locker area for the guys to hang  their suits and dress comfortably. A small refrigerator and bar are provided for snacks and drinks.

How do I schedule my rehearsal?  If you plan on doing your rehearsal the day of your event, that time is yours to use as you see fit. If you want to schedule your rehearsal prior to your wedding day, the date and time of your rehearsal will be determined based on facility availability.

Will someone who works at the venue be present during the event?  Autumn Oaks will have a facility manager available day of the event to assist and answer any questions you may have, but once you have rented the facility, it is yours for the day to do as you please.

What is the cancellation policy?  Should you cancel your  event at any time after the execution of the contract, the rental fee payments will be refunded in accordance with the following:

a).  If you cancel 120 days (4 months)  or more prior to your original reserved date, your

deposit will be returned minus a cancellation fee.

 b).  If you cancel your event after 120 days (4 months), unfortunately, none  of your

payment will be refunded.

 c).  On all cancellations, regardless of the reason, there is a cancellation fee.

Do you have a sound system for the DJ or band?  Yes, but most  bands and DJs have their own equipment..

What time can we access the site for setup?  Access to the venue will be stated on the contract.  We just require your time to be consecutive hours and that set up and clean up falls within that time frame.

Are tables and chairs provided?  Yes. There will be enough chairs and tables to seat 300 guests.

Do we have to leave everything as-is or can we move things around?  You are welcome to move things around with a manager’s approval.

Is there a bar?  Yes. We are happy for you to use our portable bar. It can be used in our reception hall or outside in our courtyard.

Are there any restrictions on when music has to end?  The live band/or DJ must be finished 30 minutes  prior to the end of the rental period.

Will there be security guards on-site?  If alcohol is to be served at the event, we require off duty police officers/security personnel to be present from the time the service of alcohol begins until the premises is vacated by all guests.

 How do I schedule a site visit?   We would love to give you a tour of our venue. Please give us a call a 806-553-0532 or email us at: to schedule a date and time.