Brittany + Adam

Brittany + Adam

I didn’t have the privilege of attending Brittany and Adam’s wedding at Autumn Oaks Event Center, but after talking with Brittany I can see just how perfect these two are for each other. Brittany told me the story of how the two newlyweds met and how they fell in love.


Photo credit: Casey Smith Photography

How did Brittany and Adam meet?

The Bride and Groom both grew up in Lubbock and attended Texas Tech University. Brittany says Adam loves telling the story of how they met. “He loves my facial expression when he turns to me to tell the juicy details. So, I guess this should be my story to tell…. Adam and I have mutual Marine friends. For Adam’s 22nd birthday, he went out with one of our friends. A fun night of drinking and pictures were posted to Facebook the next day. When I saw Adam for the first time, I was immediately attracted to him. I might have “stalked” (loose term!) him on Facebook and eventually got the nerve to add him as a friend and message him. From my completely innocent “research” I noticed that we both loved sports cars. I messaged him the first time, asking him about cars! We immediately hit it off, and after about a month of flirting, he asked me on our first date. We went to Cracker Barrel to have breakfast and have been inseparable ever since.   We officially started dating on January 20th, 2014. I really did find my soul mate!”

How did Adam propose?

I fell in love with Brittany’s story of how her Groom proposed to her.

“In September of 2016, we took a Cruise with Brittany’s family to congratulate our cousin, Michael Maul, on Graduating from the University of North Texas.

On the night of September 6th, the dining room Maitre D’ came around to our table and asked for a personalized photo with me. He said he always took several photos with guests throughout the cruise week. He took me up to the main dining room grand staircase and asked me to stand beside the baby grand piano.

Immediately, I thought it was super strange that the photographer started taking pictures of only me. I thought this was a bad glamour shots photo session. I started looking around and questioned the Maitre D’ why he was not taking the photos with me.

All of a sudden, I saw Adam buttoning his suit jacket and walking towards me. My first instinct was thank goodness he came to rescue me! I was literally taking photos, by myself, in the middle of a 3 story dining hall that was feeding around 700 guests.

He walked up to me and I was about to tell him all about how weird this was, when he got down on one knee. I gasped and literally lost my breath! I cried the entire time! I cannot tell you anything Adam said … except the last sentence of “will you marry me”. All three floors of the dining room were clapping and cheering!”

“Adam really outdid himself! He out planned a planner!”


What is one of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

Brittany says the wedding video is just amazing and they have so many special memories from their wedding day. She shared just a few of her favorite memories with me.

“After Adam’s vows, I accidently snuck in a kiss (during the wedding) it’s in the video, everyone laughed.”

“Our best man, he forgot his entire speech and just winged it!  The videographer got the basic points but we always laugh about that.”

“We are both dancers (Adam was the President of the South Plains Ballroom Dance Team when he was attending South Plains). We had been working on our first dance for 3 months before the wedding.  It was outstanding. David Hodges with West Texas DJ posted it on his facebook page and it was amazing!”

“Our parents are both so amazing and without them we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this!! We love them so much!  The fun thing was, it was my parents’ (Ken and Debbie Campbell), anniversary on March 10th, so now we share an anniversary!!”

Photo credit: Casey Smith Photography

We were honored that Brittany and Adam chose Autumn Oaks to host their special day. It was a gorgeous wedding for a beautiful couple!




Courtney + Kristopher

Meet Courtney and Kristopher

Courtney and Kristopher married March 24, 2018 at Autumn Oaks Event Center. It was in intimate outdoor ceremony on a gorgeous day followed by a beautiful reception inside. Courtney is originally from Fort Worth and Kristopher is from Wolfe City. Courtney joked that “You would never guess someone who came from one of the largest and busiest cities in the U.S. would end up with a boy who came from a town with only a Dollar General and Kwik Check Gas Station!” While attending Texas Tech University, Courtney fell in love with Lubbock. Little did she know, Lubbock would one day be where she would marry the love of her life.

How they met

After graduating from Texas Tech University, Courtney was offered a job in Dallas, Tx. A few months later, she attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dallas where she was introduced to Kristopher through a mutual friend. “The luck of the Irish brought us together” Courtney said. The couple have attended the parade every year since.

The Proposal

Two and a half years after meeting, Kristopher proposed to Courtney on her annual family summer vacation to Destin, Florida. Courtney had no idea what was coming! She was completely blown away when Kristopher got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

Favorite Wedding Memory

Courtney says her favorite memory from the wedding at Autumn Oaks was when the French doors opened to reveal the Bride. “I still get chills thinking about that moment.  It was then, that my mom was the first person I looked at.  It was almost like I had that split second to assure her I was going to be just fine and taken care of.  Then, I focused on Kristopher.  It was an unforgettable feeling knowing that my dad was escorting me down the aisle, walking me towards my forever. It was the most surreal feeling and I will never forget it.”

Photo Credit:

The couple started their new life together on a honeymoon in Punta Cana relaxing on the ocean and exploring the country.

It was a pleasure hosting this sweet couple’s special day at Autumn Oaks Event Center. We wish them a lifetime of love and adventure!






Where to Find Wedding Décor

While doing some research for wedding décor, we found some great ways to save money on everything from your wedding dress to your centerpieces. Here are a few online stores and stores we visited in Lubbock that were helpful and had great deals.

Wedding Recycle 

Wedding recycle is a great website to buy and sell wedding items. They have everything from bridal accessories, bridal party accessories, jewelry, candles and candleholders, to cake and dessert bars, and centerpieces. They even have wedding dresses and tuxes. They have a great selection of ceremony and reception décor including lanterns and signs.


Tradesy is another great website to buy and sell used wedding décor and gowns. They have a wide variety of table clothes and other ceremony and reception décor.

Bravo Bride

Bravo Bride is a free website for new and preowned wedding items. If you are looking for a preowned wedding dress this is the place to go! They have gorgeous wedding gowns that have only been worn once!


Wayfair is one of my absolute favorite online shops. They have anything and everything! More importantly- they are almost always running a sale!


If you would rather look in person or need something immediately and don’t have time to shop online, we visited a couple of retail stores in Lubbock that had great choices at reasonable prices.

Hobby Lobby

If you are looking for new stuff Hobby Lobby always has great options. You can always find things 50% off. If you see something you want but its not on sale, wait until the next week and it will more than likely be 50% off. If you can’t wait you can always pull up their 40% off coupon on your phone. You can find the coupon here!


We’ve recently seen a lot of great things at Kirklands that could be used as wedding decorations. You can usually catch things on sale here too if you are patient. They recently had all lanterns 20% off! If you sign up for emails online, you automatically receive a 20% off coupon!

Autumn Oaks has recently added a small inventory of wedding decorations as an additional option! We are excited to add something extra for our Brides!




Holiday Party Ideas

I absolutely love everything about the holiday season! Between work and church events, friend’s parties, and family gatherings I’m always needing ideas on snacks and drinks to take. Thanks to Pinterest, again, I’ve come up with several fun ideas. If you aren’t quite in the Christmas spirit yet, just  search Christmas on Pinterest. Its pretty magical! 😉

Hot Coco Bar

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nothing says winter like hot coco. The rustic theme mixed with the copper mugs and red buffalo plaid is the perfect holiday mix!


Christmas Sangria

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The colors in this mix are captivating and the recipe is delightful! Pinot Grigio, sparkling apple cider, cranberries, and apples… Yum!


Chocolate dipped Christmas wreath

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Chocolate covered pretzels… Mmmm! Love this festive display.


Christmas Chex Mix (Reindeer Chow)

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is the perfect snack to munch on at any gathering. We like to call it “Reindeer Chow”. My Mother in Law makes the best Reindeer Chow! This is such a simple way to add some holiday fun. Who doesn’t love red and green m&ms anyways!

Christmas Tree Cheese Board Appetizer

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can never have too many sweets in my opinion, but it’s a good idea to have something to snack on that isn’t so sweet also. A mixture of cheeses and grapes is a great idea! A spread shaped like a Christmas Tree is even better!

Grinch Grapes

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How simple and fun is this?! Fruit is a great addition to any party.

Candy Cane Place Settings

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is a great idea for place settings or a way to display the different food and drink choices.

Cranberry Centerpieces

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are adding place settings to your holiday party you need centerpieces too! This is a simple, elegant look. This would look great with the Christmas Sangria too!

Grinch Punch

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Champagne, sparkling soda, lime, and lime sherbet…. Need I say more?

Photo Backdrop

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Last but not least, every great party needs a little mistletoe!


Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!






Morgan + Shawn


Meet Morgan and Shawn.



Morgan and Shawn tied the knot at Autumn Oaks Event Center in October 2017. Fall wedding season is my favorite time and theirs was absolutely perfect! It was a beautiful Autumn day for an outdoor wedding. They had an intimate outdoor ceremony followed by a gorgeous indoor reception with their loved ones.

How did the Bride and Groom meet?

Morgan is from Midland, Tx and Shawn is from Weatherford, Tx. Morgan attended Texas Tech University and graduated in 2011. Shawn is a Lieutenant Firefighter in Big Spring. The couple met through mutual friends. Morgan worked with the wife and Shawn worked with the husband. Their coworkers thought the two had similar personalities and introduced them. In Morgan’s words- “boy were they right!”

The Proposal

A year and a half later, Shawn popped the question! He had big plans for an engagement in Durango, Colorado while on a ski trip until plans fell through and the couple wasn’t able to go . That didn’t stop Shawn though! He planned to take Morgan out to dinner. When he arrived at there house, he rang the door bell and quickly got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She excitedly said yes!

Favorite Wedding Memories

Morgan says their favorite memories are “all the friends and family coming! It was so great seeing them. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and I loved finally seeing all of our planning come together and turn out so well!” Her favorite moment is “during the ceremony the Preacher asked for the rings… Well I forgot Shawn’s in the Bridal Suite and I was still wearing mine so we had to pretend when exchanging them. It was funny and kind of showed how nervous we both were!”

The Honeymoon

The couple started their new life together with a honeymoon in Jamaica relaxing by the pool and beach, spending time with each other.



Autumn Oaks Event Center was honored to host Morgan and Shawn’s wedding and enjoyed working with this sweet couple. It was a wonderful day. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!








An Update on the Family Behind the Oaks

We started this little adventure just 3 short years ago, and in that time, our family has changed
quite a bit! We began looking for land to build our wedding venue on in 2014. At that time, Lance
and Judy had only one grandbaby on the way.

That grandbaby, Charlee, was born to Chase and Caitlan, in July of 2014 and shortly after, we
finally stumbled upon our 10 acres! Construction started a few months later, and in July of 2015,
Chase and Caitlan announced that baby #2 was on the way! At this time, Chase and Caitlan
were living in Maryland. Caitlan was doing all of our social media work and she answers most of
your email inquiries.

At Christmas of that same year, Matt and Cortnee announced that they, too, were expecting. In
January of 2016, we had our first event and, after a few final touches, we had our official grand
opening at the end of March, right after Luke (grandbaby #2) was born. That first summer was
busier than we could have expected, and we were certainly grateful for it! Right in the middle of
the madness, Brant (grandbaby #3) was born in August.

On Thanksgiving of 2016, Chase and Caitlan moved back to Texas – woohoo! They are now able
to help with weekend events as well. Chase and Caitlan soon found out they were expecting
their third and they moved to Amarillo.

Just in time for the 2017 busy season, Lance and Judy moved from Clarendon to Lubbock to be
closer to the venue and be able to help out more. Now we are able to rotate weekends! So, if
you are a current bride with us, now you will know a little bit more about who is helping you on
your big day!

Now, Matt and Cortnee are expecting again. Are you guys as overwhelmed as we all are???
We’ve gone from a family of zero little ones, to a family of (almost) 5 little ones in just a little over 3
years. It’s been a whirlwind, especially along with getting this wedding venue up and running,
but it has also been such a blast. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

Now, Charlee is 3, Luke is 19 months, Brant is 14 months, Hattie is 3 months, and the next little
Baby Smith is due in May! These kiddos think the wedding venue is their own personal
playground. They watch cartoons in the grooms room, while tours are being done. They think
our huge reception hall filled with tables and chairs makes the perfect jungle gym. The outdoor
ceremony space is also plenty of room for chasing each other endlessly. Charlee is also big
enough now that she really enjoys “working” the events. She loves seeing the bride and
watching the flower girls do their thing, but her very favorite part is getting to eat wedding cake!

Fun times ahead for this family!




Frequently Asked Questions


  A list of frequently asked questions at Autumn Oaks Event Center:


What is the rental fee and what does it include?


Friday       $3500 for 12 hours or $300/hr for minimum of 6 hours

Saturday  $4400 for 14 hours  or $350/hr for minimum of 10 hours

Sunday     $3000 for 10 hours  or $300/hr for minimum of 6 hours


The rental fee also includes our features and amenities:

Facility access

Facility manager available day of event

Ample parking

Prep kitchen for catering

Large reception hall

Portable Bar

2400 sq ft wrap around porch

Landscaped courtyard

Drive through, covered Porte Cochere

Indoor/Outdoor white chairs (300)

(38)  5ft round reception tables

Setup and Cleanup

Quality sound system


 We offer a few extra amenities for weddings at no additional charge:

 Bridal suite including full size bathroom and 6 luxury vanity stations

Groom’s room with flat screen TV

Access to venue for engagement / Bridal portraits

Easel for Bridal portrait

Ceremony table

Cake table

Registry and gift tables


What is  the maximum number of guests the facility can handle? Our occupancy load is around 300.

Are there any charges for overtime?  Yes. Additional time is billed at the rate of $300 per hour and will be prorated in fifteen minute blocks of time.

Can I choose my own caterer?  Yes. Autumn Oaks has  an open vendor policy which allows you the freedom to choose your own vendors.

Are there adequate kitchen facilities?  Yes. We have a large prep kitchen equipped with a commercial refrigerator, warming o, freezer, microwave and spacious countertops.

Can I bring in my own alcohol? Yes, you can provide alcohol for your guests but all alcohol must be served by a TABC certified bartender. The only alcoholic beverages allowed to be served at Autumn Oaks Event Center are beer, wine, and champagne. No liquor is allowed. Security is required at all events serving alcohol.

How do I reserve Autumn Oaks for my event?  To secure your date, a deposit, along with a signed contract is required.

Do you have a backup plan for rain or inclement weather?  Yes, if your wedding cannot be held outside as planned, it can be moved into our spacious reception hall. Keep in mind that we also  have a 2400 square foot wrap around porch under roof that can be utilized as you see fit.

Are candles or other open flames allowed?  Candles are welcome at Autumn Oaks but they must be in a protective glass, such as a votive. Open flames are prohibited.

Do you have overnight accommodations?  We do not have overnight accommodations on the property, but would be happy to provide you with a list of local businesses that do offer accommodations.

Are there limitations on decorations?  Just one, nothing permanent.  You are welcome to decorate the reception hall to fit your needs with any decorations that can be removed, without any harm to the venue.  No nails, staples, tacks, glue or tapes that leave a sticky residue.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?  Yes our venue is wheelchair accessible and  we also have designated handicap parking. Our restrooms are also handicap accessible.

Am I responsible for any of the cleaning?   All items brought in by you, your vendors, or your guests will need to be removed.  All of the tables should be cleared and the kitchen and bar should be free of food and beverages and wiped down.  After all the trash is gathered, the trash bags should be placed in the dumpsters provided outside the kitchen door.

Can we cook on site?  We do allow cooking to be done outside with outdoor cookers only.

Is there parking?  Valet or self-parking?   We have a large parking area and our facility is self-parking.

Do you have in-house vendors or a list of preferred vendors?  We have an open vendor policy so the choice is yours, but we do have a few names of vendors that we feel would do a great job!

Can we have the ceremony and reception in the same location?  Yes. You have the freedom to use our beautiful indoor reception hall, our  large wrap around covered  porch and the spacious landscaped courtyard, as you see fit. If you choose Autumn Oaks for your special occasion, the facility is yours to plan and decorate to fit your own personal style.

Are there any restrictions on setup time?  Once you have rented the venue, the  consecutive hours is yours to manage as you please.

Is outside music allowed at the venue?   Yes. But all music must  end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event time. Amplified  music must be kept at a reasonable level. Volume control will be at the discretion of the on-site manager for Autumn Oaks Event Center during the event.

Do you provide microphones for the ceremony?  Yes. We have a cordless mic with our outdoor sound system as well as a cordless mic for the indoor sound system.

Is there a changing area for the bride and groom?  Yes.Our beautiful bridal suite has  a cozy environment with plenty of space for the bride and her bridal party to relax and prepare before the wedding. It offers a six-seat vanity for makeup and hair, an elegant lounging area, a beautiful 6 ft. framed mirror, small refrigerator and bar for drinks and snacks and french doors that open onto the covered porch.  Best of all, the bride  has her own private restroom.

The Groom’s room is a great room for the guys to relax before the ceremony. Everyone will feel right at home sitting in the lounge area just  hanging out or watching the flat screen tv.  This room also offers an open locker area for the guys to hang  their suits and dress comfortably. A small refrigerator and bar are provided for snacks and drinks.

How do I schedule my rehearsal?  If you plan on doing your rehearsal the day of your event, that time is yours to use as you see fit. If you want to schedule your rehearsal prior to your wedding day, the date and time of your rehearsal will be determined based on facility availability.

Will someone who works at the venue be present during the event?  Autumn Oaks will have a facility manager available day of the event to assist and answer any questions you may have, but once you have rented the facility, it is yours for the day to do as you please.

What is the cancellation policy?  Should you cancel your  event at any time after the execution of the contract, the rental fee payments will be refunded in accordance with the following:

a).  If you cancel 120 days (4 months)  or more prior to your original reserved date, your

deposit will be returned minus a cancellation fee.

 b).  If you cancel your event after 120 days (4 months), unfortunately, none  of your

payment will be refunded.

 c).  On all cancellations, regardless of the reason, there is a cancellation fee.

Do you have a sound system for the DJ or band?  Yes, but most  bands and DJs have their own equipment..

What time can we access the site for setup?  Access to the venue will be stated on the contract.  We just require your time to be consecutive hours and that set up and clean up falls within that time frame.

Are tables and chairs provided?  Yes. There will be enough chairs and tables to seat 300 guests.

Do we have to leave everything as-is or can we move things around?  You are welcome to move things around with a manager’s approval.

Is there a bar?  Yes. We are happy for you to use our portable bar. It can be used in our reception hall or outside in our courtyard.

Are there any restrictions on when music has to end?  The live band/or DJ must be finished 30 minutes  prior to the end of the rental period.

Will there be security guards on-site?  If alcohol is to be served at the event, we require off duty police officers/security personnel to be present from the time the service of alcohol begins until the premises is vacated by all guests.

 How do I schedule a site visit?   We would love to give you a tour of our venue. Please give us a call a 806-553-0532 or email us at: to schedule a date and time.



Makayla + Morgan

I haven’t had the privilege of meeting this Bride in person but after discussing this blog with her, I can tell she is the sweetest! I asked her a few questions about her and Morgan and I am in love with their story.

How did Makayla and Morgan meet?

This love story began on Facebook. Morgan, from Lebanon, PA and Makayla from Portales, NM originally became friends on social media through mutual friends. Morgan graduated from Eastern New Mexico with a degree in Criminal justice and Makayla graduated from Clovis Community College with a nursing degree. After chatting on Facebook, the two decided to go on a blind date to Chili’s. They instantly connected and spent nearly 4 hours getting to know each other. Morgan and Makayla dated for a little over 3 years before he popped the question.

How did Morgan propose?

Makayla’s story of the proposal is just perfect.

 “For about 2 months we had family pictures with his family planned and my friend, Alli, who is a photographer was going to take them. After taking several family photos at our first location and discussing where our next location will be, Morgan and I jumped in the car with Alli who looks at the both of us and says, “Okay, I have a surprise for the both of you.” She pulls out two blind folds and tells us to put them on. Little did I know, I was the only one who put the blind fold on. Alli starts driving around and I’m sitting there saying over and over again, “Morgan, what could it be?! Where are we going?!” He’s playing along the entire time saying he has no idea! The whole time I’m freaking out because we are supposed to meet Morgan’s family at a different location to take more family photos and here we are doing this! The car finally stops and Alli opens our door and helps me out of the car. She guides me a few steps and says, “okay, you guys can undo your blind folds!” To a VERY BIG surprise, Morgan was not by my side blind folded, but instead on one knee with all our family and friends behind him holding signs and balloons that said, “Marry Him.” It was the most perfect day ever! I was completely caught off guard!”

What is one of your favorite memories from you wedding day?

“Our favorite memory from the wedding was getting to spend that entire day with our friends and family getting ready and finally soaking in the reality and the fact we were getting married! Walking down the aisle was so surreal getting to see Morgan standing there at the alter. It was a beautiful day!”

We absolutely adore this couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness together!




Top 5 Favorite Pinterest Wedding Ideas

If you aren’t looking on Pinterest for wedding inspiration you are missing out! I often find myself scrolling through Pinterest thinking “why didn’t I have this when I was getting married!” I had a really hard time narrowing my list down to 5 of my favorites to share with you.

  1. Polaroid Guest Book

One of my best friends recently did this at her wedding and it was so much fun. It is such a great way to remember each friend and family member who attended your wedding. Not only does it create a special memory for the Bride and Groom but it is a lot of fun for the wedding guests as well!

2.Framed Wedding Guestbook

Another unique wedding guest book idea is something framed that you can hang in your home. I love the idea of each person signing their name on a heart and dropping it in the frame. This is such a cool idea that you can hang somewhere and be reminded of all your loved ones who attended your wedding day.

3.Instagram Sign

I’m sure most of your wedding guests are snapping selfies and posting them on Instagram and Facebook throughout your ceremony and reception. This is a fun way to make sure you get to see all the wedding pictures your guests took of your wedding day.

4.Honeymoon Fund 

I have attended several weddings lately where a honeymoon fund was part of the reception. A dance with the Bride or Groom is the most popular I have seen but I love the idea of guessing who will get the wedding cake in the face.

5.Remembering Loved Ones


I saved the best for last. This is by far one of my favorite ideas. This is an idea I wish I would have thought of for my wedding day. Framing pictures of loved ones who have passed or creating a family tree with framed photos is such a sweet, sentimental touch. We’ve had several brides at Autumn Oaks who beautifully displayed pictures of passed loved ones. See a few of them here, on our Autumn Oaks Event Center Facebook page.



Bailey + Ben

Meet Bailey and Ben

Bailey and Ben tied the knot at Autumn Oaks Event Center in August. They had a gorgeous outdoor wedding on a beautiful, summer day where they were surrounded by family and friends. The couple ended the night with an indoor reception in the banquet hall celebrating with guests and dancing the night away. These two are the sweetest couple! Can’t you just feel the love from the pictures?! We were so excited for them when they came for their wedding venue tour. Get ready to fall in love with these two and their sweet story.

How did the Bride and Groom meet?

Bailey is originally from Arizona but moved to Lubbock, Texas where she later met Ben her Junior Year in High school. That’s right- High school sweet hearts. Bailey went on to college at South Plains in Levelland, Texas and Ben chose to attend Columbia Southern University. These two weren’t about to let long distance get in their way. They dated for 8 years before Ben popped the question.

The Proposal

One of the couple’s favorite things to do together is hike. While on a camping trip with Ben’s best friend, a hike led to Ben getting down on one knee and proposing. Bailey had no idea Ben was planning a proposal and was completely surprised. She was thrilled that Ben’s friend was there to capture the moment for them.

Favorite Wedding Memories

Bailey says their favorite memory from their wedding at Autumn Oaks was “having all our family together in one place.” Isn’t she the sweetest!

Autumn Oaks Event Center was honored to host Bailey and Ben’s wedding and had so much fun with this sweet couple. The Bride was gorgeous, the ceremony was intimate, and the cake was delicious! We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.