An Update on the Family Behind the Oaks

We started this little adventure just 3 short years ago, and in that time, our family has changed
quite a bit! We began looking for land to build our wedding venue on in 2014. At that time, Lance
and Judy had only one grandbaby on the way.

That grandbaby, Charlee, was born to Chase and Caitlan, in July of 2014 and shortly after, we
finally stumbled upon our 10 acres! Construction started a few months later, and in July of 2015,
Chase and Caitlan announced that baby #2 was on the way! At this time, Chase and Caitlan
were living in Maryland. Caitlan was doing all of our social media work and she answers most of
your email inquiries.

At Christmas of that same year, Matt and Cortnee announced that they, too, were expecting. In
January of 2016, we had our first event and, after a few final touches, we had our official grand
opening at the end of March, right after Luke (grandbaby #2) was born. That first summer was
busier than we could have expected, and we were certainly grateful for it! Right in the middle of
the madness, Brant (grandbaby #3) was born in August.

On Thanksgiving of 2016, Chase and Caitlan moved back to Texas – woohoo! They are now able
to help with weekend events as well. Chase and Caitlan soon found out they were expecting
their third and they moved to Amarillo.

Just in time for the 2017 busy season, Lance and Judy moved from Clarendon to Lubbock to be
closer to the venue and be able to help out more. Now we are able to rotate weekends! So, if
you are a current bride with us, now you will know a little bit more about who is helping you on
your big day!

Now, Matt and Cortnee are expecting again. Are you guys as overwhelmed as we all are???
We’ve gone from a family of zero little ones, to a family of (almost) 5 little ones in just a little over 3
years. It’s been a whirlwind, especially along with getting this wedding venue up and running,
but it has also been such a blast. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

Now, Charlee is 3, Luke is 19 months, Brant is 14 months, Hattie is 3 months, and the next little
Baby Smith is due in May! These kiddos think the wedding venue is their own personal
playground. They watch cartoons in the grooms room, while tours are being done. They think
our huge reception hall filled with tables and chairs makes the perfect jungle gym. The outdoor
ceremony space is also plenty of room for chasing each other endlessly. Charlee is also big
enough now that she really enjoys “working” the events. She loves seeing the bride and
watching the flower girls do their thing, but her very favorite part is getting to eat wedding cake!

Fun times ahead for this family!